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Dr Ram Sharma

Dean Physics... View Profile

Dr Bhawna Yadav Lamba

Professor Biofuels, Polymers... View Profile

Dr Sravendra Rana

Professor Self-healing composites/coatings, functionalizatio... View Profile

Prof Ranjeet Kumar Brajpuriya

Professor Carbon Based Nanomaterials and Thin Films... View Profile

Dr Shailey Singhal

Professor Expert of organic chemistry with research emphasis... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Kumar Gupta

Professor Surface coating and functionalization , Super hydr... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Kumar

Professor Metal nanoparticles and Quantum dots, Bio- and Imm... View Profile

Dr Santosh Dubey

Professor Mathematical models and simulation algorithms to u... View Profile

Dr Piyush Kuchhal

Professor Electromagnetic Filed Theory, Solar Photovoltaics,... View Profile

Dr Anupam Bhandari

Associate Professor Ferrohydrodynamics... View Profile

Dr Sapna Jain

Associate Professor organic chemistry... View Profile

Dr Kanak Pal Singh Parmar

Associate Professor Photocatalysis, Artificial Photosynthesis, H2 gene... View Profile

Dr Kasibatla S R Murthy

Associate Professor Heavy metal removal from industrial effluents by a... View Profile

Dr Manjeet Singh Goyat

Associate Professor Nanoparticulate-polymer composites, Self-healing p... View Profile

Dr Divya Ahluwalia

Associate Professor Control Theory, Dynamical Systems, Educational Res... View Profile

Dr Prasanta Mandal

Associate Professor Plasmonics photonics and metamaterials... View Profile

Dr Mohan Reddy K

Associate Professor Inorganic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Metal oxi... View Profile

Dr Tridib Kumar Sinha

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Materials Science, Green Chemistry, Polymer Scienc... View Profile

Dr Ravi Gunupuru

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Inorganic chemistry,Supramolecular Chemistry, Mole... View Profile

Dr Navjot Hothi

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Regge trajectories and QCD... View Profile

Dr Rashmi Dubey

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Convective Heat and Mass Transfer; Stability Analy... View Profile

Dr Pratibha Joshi

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Numerical Analysis, computation mathematics, diffe... View Profile

Dr Monika Manglik

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Applied Mathematics/ Reliability Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Kumar

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Biomass, Pyrolysis, Biofuel, Nano Science, Polysac... View Profile

Dr Shilpi Agarwal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Reactions... View Profile

Dr Satya Krishna Nippani

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Polymer Electrolytes... View Profile

Dr Girish Dobhal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Diffrential Geometry, Approximation Theory... View Profile

Dr Nitin Uniyal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Archana Dhyani

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Nanoscopic devices, superconductor, sensors... View Profile

Dr Mamta Latwal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Nanomaterials, drug sensor, catalysis... View Profile

Dr Akmal Husain

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Quasilinear Systems of Partial Differential Equati... View Profile


Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Magnetic Nanostructures, Nano structuring by ion b... View Profile

Dr Shikha Wadhwa

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Nanomaterial synthesis, nanocomposites, removal of... View Profile

Dr Sushil Kumar

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Hybrid Materials, Photoinduced Catalyses... View Profile

Dr Reshu Agarwal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr. Rashi Jain

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade I work on observational aspects of star clusters, ... View Profile

Dr Kailash Pandey

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Theoretical calculations of nuclear cross sections... View Profile

Dr Rishi Dewan

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Surface Morphology, Materials... View Profile

Dr Shefali Arora

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade natural product chemistry... View Profile

Dr Manoj Singh

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Remote Sensing Data Analysis... View Profile

Dr Amit Awasthi

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Atmospheric / Environment Sciences, Aerosol Physic... View Profile

Dr Sanoj Kumar

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Image Processing, PTZ Camera Network... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Dixit

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Singular integral equation... View Profile

Mr Ravi Kiran Maddali

Assistant Professor Optimization techniques, Mathematical modeling, Bi... View Profile

Dr Kamalpreet Kaur

Assistant Professor Physics and Materials Science: Composites, Rapid s... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Malik

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Thirupathaiah Pothuraju

Assistant Professor Atmospheric Physics, Planetary Atmospheres and Ion... View Profile

Dr Shweta Sachdeva

Assistant Professor Engineering Mathematics, Fixed Point Theory... View Profile

Dr Jimmy Mangalam

Assistant Professor Thin films, semiconductor materials, nanoelectroni... View Profile


Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Boundary L... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor Computational Materials... View Profile

Dr Sonali Lakhere

Assistant Professor Translation and Adaptation Studies, Gender Studies... View Profile

Dr Ritam Dutta

Assistant Professor I am an English language educator and an interdisc... View Profile

Dr Parswajit Kalita

Assistant Professor Materials Science; Radiation effects in materials;... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Kumar

Senior Associate Professor Applied Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Chawla

Senior Associate Professor Thin film solar cells, Hydrogen storage materials ... View Profile

Dr Girish Kothyari

Senior Associate Professor Structural Geology, Active Tectonics, Palaeoseismo... View Profile

Dr Prashant Shambhudayal Rawat

Senior Associate Professor Experimental Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics... View Profile

Dr Gagan Anand

Senior Associate Professor Ferroelectrics, piezoelectric, Impedance spectrosc... View Profile