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Dr Gopalakrishnan Govindasamy

Professor Catalyst Development for petroleum refining, bioma... View Profile

Prof R.P Badoni

Professor Petroleum Refining (Oil and Gas Technology) Petr... View Profile

Dr Ashoutosh Panday

Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Vijay Parthasarthy

Professor Modelling and simulation... View Profile

Dr Ajay Mittal

Associate Professor Enhanced Oil Recovery, Natural Gas Engineering... View Profile

Dr Rajeshwar Mahajan

Associate Professor Multi-objective optimization Copolymerization, Mem... View Profile

Dr Amit K. Thakur

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Amit K. Thakur

Associate Professor Polymer reaction engineering, modeling and optimiz... View Profile

Dr Kodavaty Jagadeeshwar

Associate Professor Characterization of biomaterial systems, rheology,... View Profile

Dr Nilanjana Banerjee

Associate Professor Modeling and simulation; Reactor design; Solar to ... View Profile

Dr Murali Pujari

Associate Professor Membrane separation technology, Electroless and El... View Profile

Dr Leena Kapoor

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Chemical Engineering... View Profile


Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Thermodynamics, Process Control, Mass Transfer, Fl... View Profile

Dr Seim Timung

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Study of pressure driven and electric field induce... View Profile

Dr Rahul Kumar

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Crystallization, Vapor liquid equilibria, Applicat... View Profile

Mr Bhalchandra Shingan

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Completed B. E. in Chemical Engineering & MSC in G... View Profile

Mr Ch. Vara Prasad

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Petroleum Refining, Separation Technologies , Envi... View Profile

Mr Bomma Ramanjaneyulu

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Waste Water Treatment, Dyes Adsorption, Project En... View Profile

Dr Tamaghna Chakraborti

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Molecular Sim... View Profile

Dr Nishu Goyal Bansal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Modeling and Optimization of Biological Systems, B... View Profile

Dr Anupama Mishra

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Heterogeneous Catalysis, Renewable Energy ... View Profile

Mr Niteen Ramchandra Yeole

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Manash Protim Mudoi

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Oil and Gas, Refinery consultancy experience, CBM/... View Profile

Mr Sukanchan Palit

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade chemical engineering industry, membrane science, a... View Profile

Dr Satish Kommoji

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Polymer Processing ... View Profile

Dr Kumargaurao Punase

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Process Modelling and Simulation, Process Optimiza... View Profile

Mrs Rose Havilah Pulla

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass... View Profile

Dr Tirumala Rao Kotni

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Mathematical modeling and simulations, Dewetting, ... View Profile

Dr Mohamed Shahid

Assistant Professor My expertise is in the field of electro-chemistry ... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar Gupta

Distinguished Professor Polymerization reaction engineering and optimizati... View Profile