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Dr Monit Kapoor

Professor Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Network, C... View Profile

Dr Sunil Gupta

Professor Grid Computing (Security in grid and resources) ... View Profile

Dr Durgansh Sharma

Associate Professor Computer Vision, Image Analysis, Image Classificat... View Profile

Mr Sunil Kumar

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Software engineering... View Profile

Mr Sandip K Chaurasiya

Assistant Professor Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and Wireless Sensor Network... View Profile

Dr Hitesh Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor Data Analytics Framework like Hadoop, DevOps tools... View Profile

Mr Ankit Khare

Assistant Professor Computer Science Information Systems... View Profile

Mr Himanshu Sahu

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Computer Networks, Recommendatio... View Profile

Mr Kamalpreet Singh

Assistant Professor Data Science using Python, Social Networks, Inform... View Profile

Mr Arjun Arora

Assistant Professor VANET Computer Networking ... View Profile

Dr Ved Prakash Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor Computer Science Cybernetics... View Profile

Mr Pardeep Singh

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing, Heuristic algorithms, Meta-Heuris... View Profile

Ms Kalpana Rangra

Assistant Professor Data mining,classification techniques,DevOps... View Profile

Ms Gaytri .

Assistant Professor IOT, Machine learning... View Profile

Dr Rohit Srivastava

Assistant Professor Biometric Fusion... View Profile

Ms Silky Goel

Assistant Professor Machine Learning ... View Profile

Mr Pushpendra Kumar Rajput

Assistant Professor Agent Based Systems... View Profile

Mrs Nitika Goenka

Assistant Professor CMMI Audits , SCRUM, Agile Models... View Profile

Dr Dhirendra Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor Protocols development for Wireless Networks... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Pandey

Assistant Professor Software engineering, automated manufacturing syst... View Profile

Dr Gourav Bathla

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Deep Learning... View Profile