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Dr Vipul Sharma

Senior Associate Professor Corporate Finance, International Economics & Finan... View Profile

Dr Sunil Barthwal

Senior Associate Professor Advertising Strategy and Content Generation, Digit... View Profile

Dr Sumeet Gupta

Senior Associate Professor Risk Management, Derivatives, Investment Analysis ... View Profile

Dr Arvind Kumar Jain

Senior Associate Professor Marketing Management, Services Marketing, Internat... View Profile

Dr Ruchi Tyagi

Senior Associate Professor Visiting Post-doctoral researcher on the research ... View Profile

Dr Vickram Sahai

Senior Associate Professor Internationally Certified & Licensed Coach; Market... View Profile

Dr Veena Dutta

Professor and Registrar Dr Veena Dutta holds Ph.D. in Management from R A ... View Profile

Dr Githa S Heggde

Professor and Dean Marketing Management, Sales & Distribution, Supply... View Profile

Dr Atul Razdan

Professor Marketing Management & Operations Management... View Profile

Dr T Joji Rao

Professor Finance, Accounting, Oil and Gas Accounting, Risk ... View Profile

Prof Tarun Dhingra

Professor Energy Policy, Indian power sector, Renewable ener... View Profile

Dr Karunakar Jha

Professor Marketing Management ,Brand Management,Integrated ... View Profile

Dr Ankur Mittal

Associate Professor Petroleum Accounting, Financial Management & Corpo... View Profile

Dr P.C Bahuguna

Associate Professor Human resource management, strategic human resourc... View Profile

Dr Sheetal Khanka

Associate Professor Communication, Human Resource Development, Knowled... View Profile

Dr Anita Sengar

Associate Professor Rural Marketing, Marketing Management, CRM, Qualit... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Gupta

Associate Professor Operations Management, Project Management, Quality... View Profile

Dr Alka Dwivedi

Associate Professor Management of Knowledge Worker, Public Community ... View Profile

Dr Ankur Kumar Rastogi

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Supply Chain, Servic... View Profile

Dr Meenakshi Sharma

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Marketing... View Profile

Dr Najul Laskar

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Finance... View Profile

Dr Hardeep Singh

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Quantitative and qualitative finance research, Beh... View Profile

Dr Anurag Singh

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Human Resource Management and Organizational Behav... View Profile

Dr Shounak Pal

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, IT Manageme... View Profile

Mr Neeraj Kataria

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior... View Profile

Dr Ratna Banerjee

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Computational Mathematics, Statistics, General Rel... View Profile

Dr Vinay Kandpal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Capital Market, Smart City, Mutual Funds, Infrastr... View Profile

Dr Binod Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Statistics, Operation Research, Quantitative Metho... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Tripathi

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Strategic Management/ Strategic Thinking: Strategi... View Profile

Mr Ravi Prakash

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Data Analytics, AI and ML, Software Engineering, S... View Profile

Mr Akhil Damodaran

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Business Strategy , Aviation Regulation , Public P... View Profile

Dr Prayas Sharma

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Statistics, Quantitative Techniques, Research Meth... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Srivastava

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Green Computing, e-waste management, computer Grap... View Profile

Dr Devkant Kala

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Consumer Behaviour, Tourism and Hospitality Market... View Profile

Mr Anurag Sharma

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade HR Strategy , HR Technology , HR Excellence, HR ... View Profile

Mr Rahul Sharma

Assistant Professor Oil & Gas Management, Petroleum Retailing Policies... View Profile

Mr Naveen Chandra Pandey

Assistant Professor Management... View Profile

Ms Jyoti Pandey

Assistant Professor Statistics, Quantitative Technique, Statistical Mo... View Profile

Ms Rakhi Dawar

Assistant Professor Management... View Profile

Dr Swati Gupta

Assistant Professor Managerial Accounting, Project FInance, Business T... View Profile

Dr Anamika Singh

Assistant Professor Risk management, Financial Management, Banks’ L... View Profile

Ms Manisha Solanki

Assistant Professor Mass Communication, Advertising, E-learning... View Profile

Dr Ragini Chauhan

Assistant Professor Human Resource, Organizational Behaviour... View Profile

Dr Deepak Bangwal

Assistant Professor Green HRM, HR Analytics, workplace design, structu... View Profile

Dr Nitesh Kumar Adichwal

Assistant Professor Sampling, Demography, Data Analysis... View Profile


Assistant Professor Mechanical Design & their fracture analysis, Pulse... View Profile


Assistant Professor Dr. Kabir Sharma holds a Doctoral Degree i in Mana... View Profile

Ms Ashu Tiwari

Assistant Professor Finance Management... View Profile