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Mr Vishal Kumar Singh

Research Scholar Expert in Wastewater Treatment, Waste Management, ... View Profile

Dr Nihal Anwar Siddiqui

Professor Environmental Science; Environmental Biology;Indus... View Profile

Dr Vijay Raj

Professor Structural engineering... View Profile

Mr Mukesh Kumar Dubey

Professor Construction Project Management, Planning and Sche... View Profile

Dr Syed Mohammad Tauseef

Professor Environmental Engineering & Management, Biogas Ene... View Profile

Dr Bikarama Prasad Yadav

Associate Professor Dr. Bikarama Prasad Yadav is Associate Professor w... View Profile

Mr Prasenjit Mondal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Water and wastewater treatment technologies, ambie... View Profile

Dr Kanchan Deoli Bahukhandi

Assistant Professor Water Pollution, Solid Waste Management, Environme... View Profile

Mr A N Shankar

Assistant Professor FEM, Matrix analysis of framed structures, Optimiz... View Profile

Dr Madhuben Sharma

Assistant Professor Surface water quality assessment of major water bo... View Profile

Mr Mopidevi Vijai Kishore

Assistant Professor Highway Engineering , Soil Mechanics, Transport sy... View Profile

Mr Susanta Kumar Sethy

Assistant Professor Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, St... View Profile

Mr Venkata Krishnakanth Valluru

Assistant Professor Industrial Safety Engineering... View Profile

Mr Ankur Chowdhary

Assistant Professor Urban Design, Theory of Settlements, Environmental... View Profile

Mr Durga Prasad Panday

Assistant Professor Rainfall-Runoff Modelling, Conflict Resolution, Fl... View Profile

Mr Rahul Silori

Assistant Professor Water and waste water studies, energy conversion m... View Profile

Ms Geetanjli Rani

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Akshi Kunwar Singh

Assistant Professor Occupational Health,Industrial Safety,Ergonomics ... View Profile

Mr Arun P A

Assistant Professor Safety Management audits ,Risk Assessment, Behavio... View Profile

Mr Anand Singh

Assistant Professor ransportation Systems Engineering Traffic engin... View Profile

Mr Surendar Varadharajan

Assistant Professor High Energetic Materials, Fire Suppression Technol... View Profile

Mr Abhishek Nandan

Assistant Professor Environmental Impact Assessment & Risk Assessment,... View Profile

Mr Vibhor Goel

Assistant Professor Urban Settlement, Urban Design, City Structure, Ur... View Profile

Dr Tabassum Abbasi

Assistant Professor Instrumentation and Control Engineering;Artificia... View Profile

Dr Suvendu Manna

Assistant Professor Water treatment, greywater management, bioremediat... View Profile