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Dr Kiran Kumar Ravulakollu

Senior Associate Professor Image Processing, Multi-modal Information Processi... View Profile

Mr Aditya Shah

Research Fellow Experienced Data Analyst with a history of working... View Profile

Mr Ravi Shanker Singhal

Professor International Management... View Profile

Dr Thipendra Pal Singh

Professor Machine Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Hybrid ... View Profile

Dr Deepshikha Bhargava

Professor Nature Inspired Computation; Soft Computing; Softw... View Profile

Dr Vijendra Singh

Professor Machine learning; Big data... View Profile

Dr Tanupriya Choudhury

Associate Professor Data Mining, Business Analytics, Soft Computing, H... View Profile

Dr Shweta Mongia

Associate Professor Cloud Database Management System, Big Data, Machin... View Profile

Ms Juhi Agrawal

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Adhoc Networks... View Profile

Ms Aradhana Kumari Singh

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Computer Vision... View Profile

Mrs Richa Choudhary

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Computer Science Information Systems... View Profile

Mr Amitava Choudhury

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Computational Material Science... View Profile

Mr Chandra Mani Sharma

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Artificial intelligence... View Profile

Dr Aviral Sharma

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Artificial Intelligence and Block chains... View Profile

Mr Goutam Datta

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Deep Learning, NLP,Machine Translation... View Profile

Dr Shashi Bhushan

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Wireless Sensor Networks & Internet of Things... View Profile

Dr Bhupesh Dewangan

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Cloud Architecture, Resource Management, Cloud Com... View Profile

Dr Kingshuk Srivastava

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade AI, Big data and Business Analytics... View Profile

Mr Ajay Rawat

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Data Engineering, Big Data related technologies, G... View Profile

Mr Anil Kumar

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Cancer Diagnosis based on nucleus structure and ot... View Profile

Mr Hukam Singh Rana

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Interested in Computer Vision ,Natural Languages P... View Profile

Dr Piyush Chauhan

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, heuristic algorit... View Profile

Mr Abhijit Kumar

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Computer Science Interdisciplinary SCI... View Profile

Dr Amit Singh

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Broadcasting in Wireless Networks... View Profile

Dr Virender Kadyan

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade ... View Profile

Dr Shaurya Gupta

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Dr. Shaurya Gupta is currently working in the capa... View Profile

Mr Anupam Singh

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Formal Methods, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT ... View Profile

Ms Poonam Kainthura

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Mr Bhagwant Singh

Assistant Professor GIS and Remote Sensing... View Profile

Ms Niharika Singh

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning... View Profile

Mr Amit Verma

Assistant Professor Multi-valued Logic, basic electronics... View Profile

Mr Deepak Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor Blockchain, Data Mining, Big Data analysis... View Profile

Mrs Apurva Gupta

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Ms Apurva Gupta

Assistant Professor Computer science... View Profile

Mr Tanmay Bhowmik

Assistant Professor Automatic Speech Recognition, Prosodic and Phonolo... View Profile

Mr Rahul Singh

Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing, Theoretical Computer ... View Profile

Mr Bikram Pratim Bhuyan

Assistant Professor Formal Concept Analysis; Game Theory; Graph Theory... View Profile

Dr Ashish Sharma

Assistant Professor DBMS, Data Mining, Soft Computing... View Profile

Mr Kapil Tomar

Assistant Professor Algorithms, Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI and ML... View Profile

Ms Ninni Singh

Assistant Professor Expert System, Machine Learning... View Profile

Ms Sugandha Sharma

Assistant Professor Machine learning ,Artificial Intelligence,blockcha... View Profile

Mr Sudhanshu Srivastava

Assistant Professor Machine Learning and Deep Learning... View Profile

Mr Shiv Naresh Shivhare

Assistant Professor Computer vision and Image processing... View Profile

Dr Javed Imran

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Samiran Das

Assistant Professor MTech in Instrumentation & Control Engg, PhD in AT... View Profile