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Mr Ashok Kumar Tyagi

Professor Oil and Gas Law... View Profile

Dr Ashish Verma

Associate Professor Public International Law, Jurisprudence, Constitut... View Profile

Dr Vinita Singh Chhetri Chhetri

Associate Professor Legal History, International Relations, Oral Histo... View Profile

Mr Sam Babu K C

Assistant Professor Energy Laws - Petroleum Laws and Policy, Political... View Profile

Dr Priyanka Sharma Khanduja

Assistant Professor Cognitive psychology, educational psychology and g... View Profile

Ms Debarati Pal

Assistant Professor Law... View Profile

Mrs Bharti Nair Khan

Assistant Professor Criminal Law,Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence... View Profile

Ms Aprajita Singh

Assistant Professor Law relating to women and children , environment l... View Profile

Ms Nandini Biswas

Assistant Professor Human Rights Law ... View Profile

Mr Udit Raj Sharma

Assistant Professor Criminal Laws, Energy Laws... View Profile

Ms Ruby Yadav

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Parth Sharma

Assistant Professor International Politics... View Profile

Ms Ishita Sharma

Assistant Professor Expertise in Constitutional Law, International Law... View Profile

Mr Vikas Chaubey

Assistant Professor Naxal Politics, Public Administration, Internation... View Profile

Mr Joyanta Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Cosntitutional Law, Administrative Law Space Law... View Profile

Mr Navin Pal Singh

Assistant Professor Law... View Profile

Mr Sumit Kumar Pachuri

Assistant Professor Law... View Profile


Assistant Professor Intellectual Property Rights, Drafting and Pleadin... View Profile

Mrs Shruti Dasgupta

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Kanchal Gupta

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Tauheed Alam

Assistant Professor Pressently, I am working as an Assistant Professor... View Profile

Ms Anushtha Saxena

Assistant Professor ... View Profile