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Dr Sanjeev Kumar Singh

Professor Differential Geometry, Mathematical Modeling, Soft... View Profile

Dr Anuj Kumar

Associate Professor Reliability Theory, Nature Inspired Optimization T... View Profile

Dr Divya Ahluwalia

Associate Professor Control Theory, Dynamical Systems... View Profile

Dr Shweta Sachdeva

Assistant Professor Engineering Mathematics, Fixed Point Theory... View Profile

Mr Ravi Kiran Maddali

Assistant Professor Optimization techniques, Mathematical modeling, Bi... View Profile

Dr R K Pavan Kumar Pannala

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Maheshwar Pathak

Assistant Professor Numerical Analysis, Differential Equation, Basic H... View Profile

Dr Sangeeta Pant

Assistant Professor Nature inspired optimization techniques, Reliabili... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Dixit

Assistant Professor Singular integral equation... View Profile

Dr Girish Dobhal

Assistant Professor Diffrential Geometry, Approximation Theory... View Profile

Dr Pratibha Joshi

Assistant Professor Numerical Analysis, computation mathematics, diffe... View Profile

Dr Nitin Uniyal

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Anupam Bhandari

Assistant Professor Ferrohydrodynamics... View Profile

Dr Akmal Husain

Assistant Professor Quasilinear Systems of Partial Differential Equati... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Malik

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Sanoj Kumar

Assistant Professor Image Processing, PTZ Camera Network... View Profile

Dr Monika Manglik

Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics/ Reliability Engineering... View Profile

Dr Reshu Agarwal

Assistant Professor fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Manoj Singh

Assistant Professor Remote Sensing Data Analysis... View Profile

Dr Shshank Chaube

Assistant Professor Reliability theory, fuzzy reliability theory, fuzz... View Profile

Dr Mrinal Jana

Assistant Professor Operations Research and Decision Making Optimizati... View Profile