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Mr Sharad Prakash Saxena

Professor Cross country pipelines Design, operation and main... View Profile

Dr Venkateswarlu Chintala

Professor Renewable energy technologies; Solar thermochemica... View Profile

Dr Rajnish Garg

Professor Alloy Development, Electroless Composite Coatings,... View Profile

Dr Ajay Kumar

Professor Composites Manufacturing Techniques, Vacuum Techno... View Profile

Dr Shyam Pandey

Professor Fluid Mechanics, Theory of Machines, Thermodynamic... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Kumar Sharma

Professor Power plant, energy efficiency, renewable energy a... View Profile

Dr Siddharth Jain

Associate Professor Bio-Energy, Biodiesel Production and Utilisation, ... View Profile

Dr Siddharth Jain

Associate Professor Biomass and Bioenergy, Green house gas mitigation,... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Maithani

Associate Professor Heat transfer, Solar Energy ... View Profile

Dr Jitendra Yadav

Associate Professor Tribology and maintenance ... View Profile

Dr Ashish Karn

Associate Professor Fluid Mechanics, Multiphase Flows, Cavitation and ... View Profile

Dr Girish Chandran V

Associate Professor Design, Polymer Composites, Material Characterisat... View Profile

Dr Deepak Kumar

Associate Professor CAD/CAM, Hydraulic Systems, Pneumatic Systems and ... View Profile

Dr Mandiyam Mahadeeswara Yadav

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) My name is Mahadeeswara (Mahadeesh). I am someone ... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Kumar

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Vibration and Functionally Graded Materials;Nonlin... View Profile

Dr Sachin Sharma

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Heat Transfer, Solar Energy, Thermal Engineering, ... View Profile

Ms Geetanjali Raghav

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Renewable Energy, Thermal Engineering, Refrigerati... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Thermal Engieering, Solar Energy, Heat Transfer... View Profile

Mr Dishant Beniwal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Machine Learning, Metallurgical thermodynamics... View Profile

Mr Swapnil Sureshchandra Bhurat

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade HCCI, Fumigation, Blending of fuels,Heat Exchanger... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Kumar Donga

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Fluid Mechanics, Computational methods in fluid me... View Profile

Dr Ram Kunwer

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Solar Thermal Energy;Thermal Engineering... View Profile

Mr Narayan Khatri

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Dynamics of Machines & Strength of Materials, Desi... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar Kurre

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Engine Tribology, Biofuels, Lubrication and Lubric... View Profile

Mr Prashant Shukla

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Machine Design, Engineering Mechanics, Ergonomics,... View Profile

Mr S Ashok Kumar

Assistant Professor CAD, CIM, Nano Technology, Robotics & Automation... View Profile

Mr Rahul Khurana

Assistant Professor Manufacturing, Composites and Industrial engineeri... View Profile

Dr Akarsh Verma

Assistant Professor My research work focuses on the development of ato... View Profile

Dr Varun Pratap Singh

Assistant Professor Assistant professor in the Department of Mechanica... View Profile

Dr Ram Krishna Shah

Assistant Professor Thermal Engineering, Thermal Management, Heat Pipe... View Profile

Mr Pawan Sharma

Assistant Professor Thermal Engineering... View Profile


Assistant Professor I am having hand on experience to fabricate hybrid... View Profile

Mr Nilanjan Bharadwaj

Assistant Professor Mechanical Design, System Dynamics; Analysis, Desi... View Profile

Mr Ishan Aggarwal

Assistant Professor Machine Design, CAE... View Profile

Dr Shival Dubey

Assistant Professor Robotics and Automation;Agricultural Robotics ... View Profile

Mr Ramesh M

Assistant Professor Maintenance Engineering & NDT Analysis, Fracture M... View Profile

Mr Suraj Shalikram Meshram

Assistant Professor CATIA, Solidworks, MATLAB, CAE, Mechanical Design,... View Profile

Ms Lunu Saikia

Assistant Professor Machine Design... View Profile

Mr Ashish Kumar Gautam Saran

Assistant Professor Mechanical design domain... View Profile

Mr Senthil kumar Vijayan

Assistant Professor Biomass conversion technology;Automobile Engineeri... View Profile