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Dr Amit Kumar Chawla

Senior Associate Professor Thin film solar cells, Hydrogen storage materials ... View Profile

Dr Santosh Dubey

Professor Mathematical models and simulation algorithms to u... View Profile

Dr Piyush Kuchhal

Professor Electromagnetic Filed Theory, Solar Photovoltaics,... View Profile

Dr Gagan Anand

Associate Professor Ferroelectrics, piezoelectric, Impedance spectrosc... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar Joshi

Associate Professor Molecular Dynamics, LAMMPS... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Kumar Gupta

Associate Professor Surface coating and functionalization , Super hydr... View Profile

Dr Prasanta Mandal

Associate Professor Plasmonics photonics and metamaterials... View Profile

Dr Piyush Dua

Associate Professor Computational Condensed Matter Physics, Nanowires ... View Profile

Dr Prashant Rawat

Associate Professor Experimental Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics... View Profile

Dr Satya Krishna Nippani

Assistant Professor Polymer Electrolytes... View Profile

Dr Sudesh Sharma

Assistant Professor Multifunctional Oxide/Sulphide nanostructures, Dil... View Profile

Dr Rishi Dewan

Assistant Professor Surface Morphology, Materials... View Profile

Dr Archana Dhyani

Assistant Professor Nanoscopic devices, superconductor, sensors... View Profile

Dr Kamalpreet Kaur

Assistant Professor Physics and Materials Science: Composites, Rapid s... View Profile

Dr Kailash Pandey

Assistant Professor Theoretical calculations of nuclear cross sections... View Profile

Dr Manjeet Singh Goyat

Assistant Professor Nanoparticulate-polymer composites, Self-healing p... View Profile

Dr Kanak Pal Singh Parmar

Assistant Professor Photocatalysis, Artificial Photosynthesis, H2 gene... View Profile

Dr D. P. Singh

Assistant Professor xperimental Nuclear Physics (Accelerator-based Nuc... View Profile

Dr Sabitha Mohan

Assistant Professor Nonlinear optics, Ultrafast laser Physics, Plasmo... View Profile

Dr Ratnesh K Pandey

Assistant Professor Thin films, ion matter interaction, density functi... View Profile

Dr Amit Awasthi

Assistant Professor Atmospheric / Environment Sciences, Aerosol Physic... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor Computational Materials... View Profile

Dr Navjot Hothi

Assistant Professor Regge trajectories and QCD... View Profile

Dr Sonam Mahajan Mishra

Assistant Professor Applied Physics... View Profile

Dr Thirupathaiah Pothuraju

Assistant Professor Atmospheric Physics, Planetary Atmospheres and Ion... View Profile