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Dr Neelu Jyothi Ahuja

Professor Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Soft Comp... View Profile

Dr Akashdeep Bhardwaj

Professor Cyber Security, Cyber Crime Investigation, Digital... View Profile

Dr Hanumat Sastry G

Professor Optimization algorithms, Data Science, Evolutionar... View Profile

Dr Alok Aggarwal

Professor Mobile Computing, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Lightwei... View Profile

Mr Adarsh Kumar

Associate Professor Cryptography and Network Security, Lightweight Cry... View Profile

Dr Rohit Tanwar

Associate Professor Steganography, Internet of Things, Optimization Te... View Profile

Mr Neeraj Chugh

Associate Professor Database Management System, Data Mining, Wireless ... View Profile

Ms Shahina Anwarul

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Image Processing and Computer Vision; Cryptography... View Profile

Mr Alok Jhaldiyal

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Remote Sensing, Geo- informatics, GIS and Satellit... View Profile

Mr Anurag Singh Tomar

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Machine learning;Network Security, Security Issues... View Profile

Mr Vidyanand Mishra

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Genetic algorithm, PSO optimization, Cloud computi... View Profile

Ms Deepa Joshi

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Deep learning... View Profile

Dr Pramod Kumar Parida

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligenc... View Profile

Dr Gunjan Chhabra

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Artificial Intelligence, Image processing, Theoret... View Profile

Mr Saurabh Jain

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Information and Web Security, Blockchain Technolog... View Profile

Mr S. Christalin Nelson

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Structured... View Profile

Mr Vishal Kaushik

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Cloud Computing Architecture, Deployment and Deliv... View Profile

Mr Varun Sapra

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Data Mining, Web Technologies, SQL, PL/SQL, RDBMS ... View Profile

Dr Jitendra Rajpurohit

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Nature Inspired Computing; Swarm Intelligence... View Profile

Mrs Bhavana Kaushik

Assistant Professor Computer Vision and Image Processing, Python, Mach... View Profile

Mr Ankit Vishnoi

Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Network Security, Cryptography ... View Profile

Dr Prateek Gupta

Assistant Professor Wireless sensor networks - Energy efficient techni... View Profile

Mr Keshav Kaushik

Assistant Professor Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Blockchain Tec... View Profile