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Dr Neeraj Anand

Professor and Head Supply Chain Management and Research Methodology;O... View Profile

Dr Bangar Raju Totakura

Professor Maritime, Aviation, International Trade... View Profile

Mr Balaram Swamy Jutta

Professor Logistics, Supply Chain management, Operations Man... View Profile

Dr Dharam Pal Singh

Professor Aviation Economics & Mathematical Statistics, Psyc... View Profile

Mr Mihir Kanti Das

Professor Ports, Shipping, Health, Safety & Environment, Rai... View Profile

Dr Nikhil Agarwal

Professor Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology and Innovati... View Profile

Dr Biranchi Prasad Panda

Associate Professor Management... View Profile

Mr Vikas Kumar

Assistant Professor Project Management, Environmental Impacts of Proje... View Profile

Mr Rohit Sindhwani

Assistant Professor Operations and Supply chain management... View Profile

Dr Chandra Prakash Garg

Assistant Professor Aviation management, Reverse Logistics, Green Supp... View Profile

Mr Mohit Rishi

Assistant Professor Aviation Industry... View Profile

Dr Rupesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Operations management, Supply chain management, IT... View Profile

Ms Kumari Bharati Singh

Assistant Professor An aviation academic and Trainer that researches a... View Profile

Dr Ajay Jha

Assistant Professor Strategic Supply Chain Management, Operations Mana... View Profile

Mr Shantanu Trivedi

Assistant Professor Logistics and Supply Chain Management... View Profile