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Prof Amit Agarwal

Professor Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet... View Profile

Mr Dharani Kumar Talapula

Professor Bigdata Frameworks and Stack, ML NOSQL Databases, ... View Profile

Mr Pravin Dagdee

Professor DevOps, Cloud Services and Data Center Operations... View Profile

Dr Prakash GL

Associate Professor Cloud data security and management in cloud compu... View Profile

Dr Shamik Tiwari

Associate Professor Image Processing, Computer Vision, Data Analysis... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Tiwari

Associate Professor Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Syste... View Profile

Dr Lalit Kane

Associate Professor Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction, Image... View Profile

Dr Jagdish Chandra Patni

Assistant Professor Database, Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Interc... View Profile

Mr Pankaj Badoni

Assistant Professor Image Processing, BioMedical Signals Computer Grap... View Profile

Mr Bhupendra Singh

Assistant Professor Embedded Systems, Image Processing, IoT, Sensors, ... View Profile

Mr Harvinder Singh

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing, Telecom Informatics, Operation Su... View Profile

Ms Sachi Choudhary

Assistant Professor AI, Image processing, Programming languages C/JAVA... View Profile

Mr Alind .

Assistant Professor Optimization Technique, Computer Vision; Algorithm... View Profile

Dr Nilima Salankar Fulmare

Assistant Professor Speech Signal Processing,Image Signal Processing,p... View Profile

Mr Saurabh Shanu

Assistant Professor Computational Sustainability, Digital Image Proces... View Profile

Mr Amar Shukla

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision, machine ... View Profile

Ms Avita Katal

Assistant Professor AI, Cloud Computing , Virtualization, WSN, MANET,... View Profile

Ms Anushree Sah

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing, Web Technologies, Java... View Profile

Ms Ambika Aggarwal

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing... View Profile

Ms Shelly Garg

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Data Sciences, Internet of Thing... View Profile

Mr Sandeep Pratap Singh

Assistant Professor Digital Image Processing, Biomedical signals,Machi... View Profile

Dr Deepika Koundal

Assistant Professor Computer vision and Image Processing, Deep Learnin... View Profile

Mr Amrendra Tripathi

Assistant Professor Design And Analysis Of An Algorithms, Cloud Comput... View Profile

Dr Anurag Jain

Assistant Professor Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Theory of Computa... View Profile

Mr Abhirup Khanna

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Artificial... View Profile

Dr Neha Agrawal

Assistant Professor Cloud computing, Network Security, Wireless networ... View Profile

Ms Divya Srivastava

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Abhinav Tomar

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Charging, Multi-c... View Profile