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Dr Kamal Bansal

Professor and Dean Electrical Engineering, Project Management, Renewa... View Profile

Dr Sushabhan Choudhury

Professor Nanoelecgtronic devices, Wireless sensoe network, ... View Profile

Dr Ravi Gowri

Professor Microwaves, antennas , computational electromagnet... View Profile

Mr Yogesh Chandra Gupta

Professor Energy Systems, Energy auditing, Process optimizat... View Profile

Dr Madhu Sharma

Associate Professor Power system, Energy Efficiency, Energy Auditing, ... View Profile

Dr Prasanthi Kumari Nunna

Associate Professor Antenna design ,VLSI design, Metamaterials, ... View Profile

Mr Narendra Soni

Associate Professor Electrical Power System, Renewal Energy, Energy Ma... View Profile

Dr Ranjan Mishra

Associate Professor Antenna Design, Communication System;Telecommunica... View Profile

Dr Mukul Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professor Nonlinear control, soft computing, intelligent c... View Profile

Dr Arpit Jain

Assistant Professor Control System Engineering: Theory & Design, Fuzzy... View Profile

Mr Ramana Manohar Reddy B

Assistant Professor Power Electronics Converters and PLC based Automat... View Profile

Mr Vinay Chowdary

Assistant Professor Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Embe... View Profile

Mr Amarnath Bose

Assistant Professor Power plant; Thermal power plant; Gas turbine powe... View Profile

Dr Devender Kumar Saini

Assistant Professor Sustainable planning of distributed energy storage... View Profile

Dr Tarun Kumar

Assistant Professor Electromagnetic Scattering, Metamaterials, Microst... View Profile

Mr Sami Rehman

Assistant Professor Green Buildings, Energy Audit and Management and S... View Profile

Mr Deepak Kumar

Assistant Professor VLSI Microelectronics, Semiconductor Devices and M... View Profile

Ms Monika Yadav

Assistant Professor Power System ... View Profile

Mr Devendra Rawat

Assistant Professor Control Systems, Artificial Intelligence in roboti... View Profile

Mr Raj Gaurav Mishra

Assistant Professor Embedded Systems, Robotics, Wireless Sensor Networ... View Profile

Mr Deepak Kumar

Assistant Professor Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Distributed Power Ge... View Profile

Mr Balaji Venkateswaran

Assistant Professor Power System Analysis, Power System Optimization, ... View Profile

Mr Rajarao Manda

Assistant Professor Wireless communications, Digital Signal processing... View Profile

Dr Abhinav Sharma

Assistant Professor Antenna Array Signal Processing, Communication, Ar... View Profile

Dr Rupendra Kumar Pachauri

Assistant Professor Solar Energy... View Profile

Ms Deepali Yadav

Assistant Professor Power Electronics and Drives... View Profile

Dr Vamshikrishna Domala

Assistant Professor Deepwater oil platforms and marine risers, Offshor... View Profile