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Dr Pankaj Srivastava

Senior Associate Professor Remote sensing and GIS in Geological modelling... View Profile


Research Scholar ... View Profile

Dr Dharmendra Kumar Gupta

Professor Safety in O&G well Drilling , Well bore Stability... View Profile

Dr Javaregowda Devaraju

Professor Geology, petroleum geology, environmental geology... View Profile

Dr Sunil Kumar Khare

Professor Onshore and offshore Drilling Operations, Drilling... View Profile

Dr Dilip Kumar Srivastava

Professor Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation... View Profile

Dr Mandira Agarwal

Distinguished Professor Petroleum Geology, Applied Geology, Petroleum Ope... View Profile

Dr Pushpa Sharma

Distinguished Professor Reservoir Simulation and Modeling , Reservoir Engi... View Profile

Dr Sudip Kumar Saha

Distinguished Professor Geoinformatics technology and applications in natu... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Mittal

Associate Professor Geophysics, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Appl... View Profile

Dr Deepak Singh

Associate Professor Subsurface Petroleum Data Management, Expertise in... View Profile

Dr Uday Bhan

Associate Professor Source Rock Evaluation, Formation Evaluation and W... View Profile

Dr Atul Kumar Patidar

Associate Professor Petroleum system characterization, Exploration & a... View Profile

Dr Annapurna Boruah

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Shale gas and coal bed methan exploration techniqu... View Profile

Dr Somenath Ganguly

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Exploration Geology, Hydrogeology, Aqueous chemist... View Profile

Mr Amit Verma

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Production Operations, Well Intervention & Stimula... View Profile

Dr Harinandan Kumar

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Solid Mechanics, CBM Technology, CO2 Sequestration... View Profile

Dr Vamsi Krishna Kudapa

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Drilling Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, Uncon... View Profile

Dr Nirlipta Priyadarshini Nayak

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Mineral processing in context to coal and metal an... View Profile

Mr Ashish Aggarwal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Geospatial Science and Remote Sensing; Spatial mod... View Profile

Dr Upendra Singh Yadav

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade EOR, Production Engineering, Reservoir Engineering... View Profile

Dr Santanu Bhowmik

Assistant Professor Rock Mechanics, Coalbed Methane, Shale gas, Pure/M... View Profile

Mr Satyajit Chowdhury

Assistant Professor Enhance Oil Recovery, Drilling Fluids, Gas Hydrate... View Profile

Mr Pritish Barman

Assistant Professor Reservoir Engineering, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Oil ... View Profile

Dr Srinivasa Reddy Devarapu

Assistant Professor Enhanced Oil Recovery, Petroleum Reservoir Modelin... View Profile

Ms Nitu Kumari Thakur

Assistant Professor Drilling fluid rheology, reservoir engineering, Na... View Profile

Dr Gaurav PANDEY

Assistant Professor Gas Hydrates, Clean Energy, Energy storage, CO2 ca... View Profile

Dr Geetanjali Chauhan

Assistant Professor Have expertise in rheology of fracturing fluid, dr... View Profile

Dr Sayantan Ghosh

Assistant Professor Sub expertise: Reservoir geomechanics, Petrophysic... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar

Adjunct Professor Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir studies field ope... View Profile

Mr Rajendra Prakash Soni

Adjunct Faculty Offshore production operations, On shore productio... View Profile